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Here are some more latex styled images :). I wear latex panties and latex lace up peep bra, and a leather union jack waist belt by Obscure Couture. I think that the combination of the leather and latex textures work really well together in these images.

Some advice that I can give with regards to shooting in latex lingerie is that it is really important to make sure it is the correct fit or it can look terrible. Latex doesn’t stretch as much as some materials so you have to get the size right. Also, remember the lube for shine :).

McInnes also used a wind machine in this shoot to give me a soft, flowing hair look which is a great contrast to the strong, strict posing and styling.


Model: Zoi

Photographer: McInnes

Hair and Makeup: Jak Morgan

Client: Posed Magazine

Lingerie Book-3

Lingerie Book-4