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Below are some 1920s inspired image of Fredau and me taken by vintage inspired photographers Trevor and Faye Yerbury, who are a husband and wife photography team based in Scotland.

Trevor and Faye do the most amazing work and their website is definitely worth checking out.

I styled the shoot myself with some help from Faye and I used some authentic 20s lingerie. The top that Fredau is wearing came from the loft of an old house in Belgium, and was gifted to me by the owner of the house. It is actually meant to be worn lacing up the back, but Fredau wears it back to front for effect in these images. The bloomers came from ebay and are also authentic.  I was desperate to do something using bloomers for a long time. These ones are open crotch, which was apparently pretty normal in days gone bye, for ease of use under those massive dresses that they wore!

We combined these 20’s clothing artifacts with loose pinned up voluminous soft hair (achieved by blow drying with lots of mouse) for a romantic feel and I added some “Girls Aloud” false eyelashes by Eyelux (these can be purchased in New Look and are really great quality for the price) for a smokey eyed boudoir look.

The photography effect was created at the time of shooting, and is not post process.

Some interesting trivia:

Bloomers are named after Amelia Bloomer who was born in 1818. She was a Social reformer, women’s suffrage activist and a writer.

Along with championing women’s suffrage, Bloomer also advocated women’s dress reform. At the time women typically wore confining corsets as well as several petticoats under their dresses. Bloomer suggested that women adopt a new style of wearing looser tops and skirts that stopped at the knee with a pair of pants underneath. Although others had worn this style before, it was Bloomer that made it widely known. The outfit was called “bloomers” after her.

Amelia Bloomer died on December 31, 1894, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Remembered mostly for a style of women’s fashion, she was actually an important contributor to the women’s rights movements.

The full set of images (over 20!) can be seen on my website, titled “Antique Pearl”.


Models: Zoi and Fredau

Photographey: Trevor and Faye Yerbury

Styling: Zoi and Faye

Hair and Make up: by models